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Friday, 12 July 2013


What's that? A lunch box? 
Panic in the class! 
Which imbecilic fool
Brought a packed lunch to school?

What were their parents thinking,
For what do parents know?
The Lunch Box constable has decreed
That packed lunches have to go.

Time to put in a call,
Step back, step back, oh my God,
Emergency with the utmost urgency,
Call the Lunch Box Disposal Squad.

Emergency, emergency, emergency,
We've a plague of the Devil's food,
Bread and cheese and biscuits,
Stuff like that not judged to be good.

The Lunch Box Disposal Squad,
with their lunch box disposal means,
takes aim at the box of goodies
and blows it all to smithereens.

A triumph for education,
if you want lunch kids you'll have to buy it
for Nanny knows what best for you
and will now control your diet.

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