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Tuesday, 11 December 2012


"allo, 'allo, allo,
what 'ave we 'ere,
the Data Communications Bill,
so we can see and 'ear,
all the messages and calls
on the worldwide web,
all the titter on Twitter
all the flow and ebb,
all the Facebook flotsam,
all the tripe on Skype,
all the social mediocrity,
all the selling and hype,
all the email detail,
all the phone call blether,
are we terrorists or criminals
or are we in this together?

The Coalition Government
is all a-fluster,
frustrating Theresa May,
our Chief Crime Buster.

I spy with my little eye,
the snoopers already
watch you and I.
We're monitored, recorded,
filmed and tracked,
occasionally scanned
and maybe hacked.

Security v liberty,
starter, non-starter?
Hands up who wants
a snooper's charter.

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