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Saturday, 15 December 2012


You've got Radio Gloom,
reporting spirals of doom,
you've got Radio Clang
erupting, shaking the room,
you've got Radio Blah,
all sorts jabbering on phones,
you've got Radio Bloke,
sports geeks' opinions and moans,
you've got Radio Joke,
unfunny comedy shows,
you've got Radio Yokel,
local titter and woes........

....but in this crazy world,
for a change once or twice,
something easy on the ear
would be rather nice,
no argumentative agenda, 
nothing in-yer-face,
Radio Peace & Quiet
for a gentler pace,
for those relaxing moments,
just the ticket, t'would be grand,
to hear in the background,
Radio Bland.

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