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Saturday, 10 November 2012


We were watching Skyfall, latest James Bond,
in the comfort of our new picture house,
when the person behind us started to annoy
eating popcorn like a fidgety mouse.

Scritching and scratching, rustling and munching,
especially in the quietish bits,
as the film progressed my hackles were raised,
this guy was getting on my tits.

I hadn't the guts to tell him to ssssshhhh
but had a thought during a rather loud gulp,
if only James Bond would leap from the screen
to beat this irritating git to a pulp.

But double-o-seven was busy enough,
juggling wit and love and stunt,
too busy to help me in my hour of need
to deal with this.....(now I'm struggling to find the right rhyme to end this.......!)

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