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Monday, 5 November 2012


Christmas is coming,
and do you know how I know,
celeb books are being flogged
on nearly every TV show.

All the starry listers,
from A right through to Zed
hope we'll spend our hard-earned cash
and hang on every word we've read.

Some reinvent their childhoods
to get the sympathy buy,
some fill 300 pages
with a mix of truth and lie.

Some get confused assuming
that we really give a toss
about shallow lives and woe-is-me
amid glittery showbiz gloss.

Amongst the crud and crappy books,
a few seem worth a read
but only when the price is right
will I pay them any heed.

Here's my plan to be selective,
with the kiss and tell and quirks,
I'll wait for the bargain season,
in January at The Works.

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