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Sunday, 29 April 2012


So, it's that time of the year
the Sunday Times Rich List;
we are wide-eyed, envious,
we read, we absorb, we compare,
the billionaires, the millionaires,
who's gained, who's lost,
who are the the powerful,
the wealthiest of the wealthy,
who earned their fortune with pride,
who to applaud, who to deride.

Such a list of rich and riches
brings out the worst in us,
a parade too delicious to resist,
a chance to tut and shake our fist,
prosperity v austerity, 
widening gaps, class division,
haves v have nots, cheer v derision,
rich, richer, richest, movers, shakers,
philanthropists, misers, givers, takers,
inheritors, workers and downright fakers.

But in this mea culpa era of politics and media,
of Big Society and curbing the greedier,
in the interests of balance, a need to ensure
that we will soon browse the Sunday Times List of The Poor.

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