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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

DEATH OF A NATURIST (Contains Nudity)

All year the butt-naked brokeback farmer

toiled at one with Mother Earth

using bare hands, tools and tractor in the rank fields

in full view of his burly neighbour.

They exchanged erotic grunts across the air,

thick with the manure-whiff scent of work
recalling the Bisto-kid giddiness of youth

and igniting agri-passion in their glistening haunches

They imagined the slop-slap of the love-act

but resisted a daylight rendezvous behind the stacks,

contented to tease the senses with farm-play

until darkness gave them cover for their tryst.

Fate’s hairy hand awaited careless moments,
clandestine in the hay-heap, an impending farce

as one fell back intense in expectation.

a fatal pitch-fork stabbed him up the arse.

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