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Thursday, 10 November 2011


Soldier A advanced ahead,
his rifle cocked and straight.
Soldier B approached him on
the day of someone's fate.

Face to face, unblinking eyes,
looked cold and hard and deep,
knowing one was close to death,
to everlasting sleep.

Their instinct training shoot to kill
failed to lock and load
for who would shoot the other first,
on this God-forsaken road.

But call it panic, fear or guts,
a deafening shot was heard, 
a soldier fell on a rubble street
while another stood and stared.

Soldier A and Soldier B
both barely seventeen
sent to war and a devil's choice
in a miserable battle scene.

Soldier A was dead and gone,
soon home in a long black hearse.
Soldier B survived to fight,
both a blessing and a curse.

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