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Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Available for freelance writing commissions on a variety of subjects including family history, nostalgic Belfast and its famous people, shops, shoppers & shopping, the golden age of Hollywood (esp westerns) and humorous pieces on life's weird and wonderful. Op-eds, columns, non-fiction book reviews too. 
CV of published material available on request. & @JoeCushnan

During the last 12 months or so, I have been building up a stock of flash fiction and longer stories, most submitted or entered in competitions. 80% edited professionally. Here are the teaser titles. (P indicates edited professionally).

Incident P
Who Cares? P
Bags and Cats P
Butch  P
The Snob and the Slouch P
Lunch Interrupted P
Never Caught but Rumbled P
The 40thAnniversary of a Done Deal P
The Girl Who Had Nearly Everything P
Betrayed P
Brothers P
Journal P
The Unpredictable Actions of Burton Daniels 
Mystery Guest P
Shirts (Published)
Hope P
Honesty P
Twist (Published) P
Sweetheart (Published) P
Hope with Milk and Two Sugars P
Closure P
A Memorable Dinner P
Yellow and Gold
Wedding Daze
The Horse Painting P
Private Moments in Public Places P
She's Fed Up (Flirting with a Fool) P
Mild-mannered and Snippy, But not Gay P

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