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Sunday, 6 October 2019


Available for freelance writing commissions on a variety of subjects including family history, nostalgic Belfast and its famous people, shops, shoppers & shopping, the golden age of Hollywood (esp westerns) and humorous pieces on life's weird and wonderful. Op-eds, columns, non-fiction book reviews too. 
CV of published material available on request. & @JoeCushnan

In march 2014, Peter Sissons replied to a complimentary letter I wrote to him about his excellent autobiography, When One Door Closes. 

"It was kind of you to write, and much appreciated. I am afraid that the views you express about the quality of news broadcasting today are widely shared. I spend some time these days giving talks on cruise ships and it is quite remarkable how much disquiet there is at the output of the BBC, particularly among people who should be the Corporation's core audience. Ten years ago it was rumbles of discontent; now the licence fee payers are much more mutinous.

As for the previous generation of news broadcasters, I was privileged to work alongside many fine people who also became my friends. Except in the first months of Channel 4 News, I never worked with or for anyone whom I could't respect. Towards the end of my time at the BBC there was practically no one in that category. So sad.

Still, a life in news still stands me in good stead, and I keep busy with lots of other things."

Peter Sissons - 17 July 1942 - 1 October 2019

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