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Wednesday, 16 October 2019


Available for freelance writing commissions on a variety of subjects including family history, nostalgic Belfast and its famous people, shops, shoppers & shopping, the golden age of Hollywood (esp westerns) and humorous pieces on life's weird and wonderful. Op-eds, columns, non-fiction book reviews too. 
CV of published material available on request. & @JoeCushnan

I am researching an autobiographical writing project which includes my time at St Mary's Christian Brothers Grammar School, Glen Road, from 1965 (when I was a first year "wee legs") to 1970.

I want to hear from anyone who was there in those years, their memories, stories and the everlasting influence the school and its teachers had on them.

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To refresh memories, this is the cover of The Simmarian Magazine, Christmas 1965, that contains a photo of every pupil. My original copy is right in front of me.

These are photos of the first two pages of Form 1, new intake, that might jog memories. UTV's prime news presenter, Paul Clarke, is in amongst the line-up.

If anyone can help, please get in touch via joe I know it's 54 years ago.......



  1. Hello Joe

    Interesting project. My brother Peter was there from 1962, my brother Michael from 1964 and myself from 1966. Sadly Peter died recently and we are trying to gather memories of his past of him for his wife. We are meeting on Zoom tonight and I will ask Michael if he has any memories to share. If you could find a copy from the roll call from form 4 (I guess?) with Peter Kelly in it and send to me I would be grateful.

    It is a long time ago and my memories are dim but I do remember my last day when we removed the bars from the cattle grid from the Glen Road entrance so that teachers couldn't get their cars out and place one of the teachers car on a mound on the front lawn with all four wheels in the air before we headed off to the pub to celebrate.

    Greg Kelly

  2. Brings back great memories. We were in the same class. I remember most of that class.

  3. Hi Joe,
    My patrner Patrick Lynch attended during the years you mention. He talks often about his History teacher Dan Cashman and others. I too am trying to gather information and photographs for him, as he has none from his time there. I would be very grateful for a copy of any form photos that contain a Patrick Lynch in the roll call. Many thanks and I will contact you again with any more memories of his which come to light.