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Tuesday, 6 November 2018


every time I see or hear
the Rolling Stones
I see and hear you too
inextricably linked
forever in my head
since our first handshake
with Darren and Simon
2007, Heathrow
(Four Go To San Francisco!)
man of anytime
but certainly man of the 60s
great wit and charm
part-way through writing
a first novel
The Ghosts that Sell Memories
an extract leaving me bamboozled
but good on you
man who met Ronnie Wood
man who met Tony Curtis
in the Persuaders years
man who introduced me to
Maurice Roeves
an actor’s name that no one knows
an actor’s face: ‘Oh, him. Yeah’
you had those shops
motorcycle gear
you liked your bikes
you liked bikers
we talked about Steve McQueen
the Great Escape
and Bud Ekins
who did that stunt
Triumph TR6 Trophy
you liked your bikes
the last ride
14 September 2016
all over now

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