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Monday, 26 November 2018


It's always a treat to browse Castle Fine Art in Meadowhall, Sheffield. Earlier this year, I blogged about their Bob Dylan collection and today, there was more Dylan from his lyrics/artwork combination, Mondo Scripto.

Here's a link to the Bob Dylan selection:

Billy Connolly's Born On a Rainy Day art is also on display:

Here's a link to the Billy Connolly selection:

Both sets of work are very different, as you would expect, but they are stunning in their own right.

Hit the links and have a tour to see illustrations of the pieces.

And here's a link to Castle Fine Arts where you can find a gallery/shop near you:

And here's a link to Castle Fine Arts at Meadowhall, Sheffield:

Pop in when you can. The displays are wonders, each and every one. And they are very nice people.

Thank you for the Billy Connolly brochure.

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