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Wednesday, 4 October 2017


Years ago club comedians would joke about mothers-in-law,
Skin colour, thick Irish and blondes, and oh how most of us laughed.
But over time some jokes once funny became unfunny,
Like right now because we have a blonde in the White House,
And a joke, a blonde and a joke, a two-for-one special that’s anything but.
The blonde-joke, joke-blonde stomps around bigger than Billy Big Biscuits
And his mouth keeps flapping and his peculiar language pours out,
His fingers are surgically attached to a keyboard for he must tweet.
He is an addict, insensitive, inconsiderate, narcissistic, self-absorbed,
Self-obsessed, self-centred, a victim of self-inflicted love bites,
A compassion-free zone who says devastated Puerto Rico is a good news story,
That the island is surrounded by “water, big water, ocean water”
And rescue and relief is difficult because of all that water. He sees
Outstretched hands begging for help, says thanks and gives them high fives.
Good job, good news, making America great again, or maybe grate.
Yes, we have a blonde in the White House and a village is missing its idiot.

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