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Saturday, 22 April 2017


Ink by Anthony Toner

Track Listing:

Let the River
An Alphabet
The Shepherd's Daughter
Sleep like a Soldier
The Night Prayer of Saint Augustine
Square Eyed Boy
The Candidate
All the Winds
Still Your Man
Cotton Anniversary
Light from the Stars
Exit Wounds
Sometimes the Night
The River Road
The Pictures

A new album by Anthony Toner is always something to get excited about. He is a singer/songwriter/musician who just gets better and better.

Ink is a collection of reflective songs and some instrumentals that combine to produce, and I am not disparaging using these words, a nice, pleasant easy-listening album. To me, it is a Sunday morning record (although you can listen to it any day of the week!)

The songwriting is confident, although I must say I did wince a little at An Alphabet, anticipating a lot of forced and clunky A to Z references but Anthony pulls it off rather well. The production, arrangements and musicianship are all excellent, so hats off to everyone involved for a fine record.

The standout track for me is the opener, Let The River. It is a beautiful, thoughtful song with hints of blues, jazz and a dash of gospel, enhanced by perfect piano playing.

Towards the end, I wanted this album to rock a bit but the intention was, perhaps, to maintain a mood of melancholy, nostalgia, memories and dreams. In that regard, it is a triumph.

Radio should love Ink. It deserves attention and wide exposure.

Link to Anthony Toner's website:

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