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Wednesday, 3 June 2015


We had things to do, a ball to kick, tig to play,
But at inconvenient moments, it was time for the family to pray
At the slow bead-to-bead pace of the Rosary - Our Father,
Ten Hail Marys, a Glory Be To The Father,
Topped off with a Hail Holy Queen – after dinner,
Adults keen to stay on good terms with God and kids
Impatient to get outside, a ball to kick, tig to play,
No escape, forced on our knees to pray.

Each prayer had its tempo, its pauses,
Unhurried and spoken out loud, in unison,
No chance of acceleration, no get-on-with-it rush,
Steady as ever to accommodate the old ones
Who loved to savour the comforting words.
Not much for them to do after - poke the fire, snooze, 
Read the Belfast Telegraph, tut at the TV -
But we kids had things to do, games to play.

Rosaries, week nights included - week nights! -
Not just Sundays.

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