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Monday, 7 July 2014


Here I sit in the UK,
Comparing you to a summer’s day –

You have a face like thunder,
You have highs and lows,
You fluctuate
Like the drifting snows.

You’re cold as ice,
You’re mercurial, chronic,
You’ve got rainbow eyes
From gins and tonic.

You’re dense as fog,
You’re an ice-cold blast,
Hard to predict
Like the weather forecast.

You’re a tidal wave,
You’re sleet and hail,
And every notch
On the Richter scale.

You’re foggy and frosty,
You’re murky and misty
And I can’t recall
When you last kissed me.

As I compare you,
Think I’ve got you pinned,
And by the way,
You have terrible wind.

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