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Sunday, 22 September 2013



In June 2013, I was invited to the Belfast Book Festival. I was to give a talk on my book Stephen Boyd: From Belfast To Hollywood. The day before the talk Robin Stewart, owner of Robinson’s Shoemakers in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, heard me on BBC Radio Ulster on "The Gerry Kelly Show".  He liked what he heard, got in touch and made his kind offer to make a pair of shoes for me in exchange for a signed copy of the book.  The shoes arrived and are works of art….and a perfect fit.  I know I got the best end of the deal! Thanks Robin.
Check out the site:

Robinson’s shoes,
Robinson’s shoes
Made me an offer
I couldn’t refuse.

In exchange for a copy
Of one of my books,
They’d make me some shoes
To smarten my looks.

I measured the length
And width of each foot,
I sent off the measurements
And a “thank you” to boot.

In a couple of weeks,
The shoes were delivered,
As I laced them up,
In excitement I quivered.

I tried them on
And walked up and down,
The dandiest man
In my little town. 

Oxford semi-brogues
In chestnut calf –
5-star? Top drawer?
Blimey, not ‘alf.

Sometimes an offer
Is not all it might seem,
But hats off to Robin
And his shoemaking team.

So whoever you are
And wherever you’re from,
Check out Robinson’s Shoemakers
Online, dot com.

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