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Thursday, 19 July 2012


Ad-verse (sic) - sponsored by, er, me!

I'll not be Poet Laureate,
(big loss to the nation),
I plough on with my verse
with its fun and frustration.

I am Poet-in-Residence,
wherever I reside,
a journeyman wordsmith,
(t&cs applied).

I can find phrases
to inspire and amuse,
to improve morale,
wherever you choose.

I can do slogans,
write the odd ditty,
I can do serious,
I can do witty.

I can write lyrics,
I can write features,
work with executives,
editors and teachers

If you want some samples,
if you want a flavour,
browse this blog's archive
for something to savour.

I'm writer for hire,
with professional aplomb,

Twitter: @JoeCushnan
Twitter: @PoetryPleeze

Daily Poetry blog:
Daily Retail/Business blog:

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