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Wednesday, 6 November 2019


I fear for the younger generation and generations to come because politics and political leadership have become grubbier than they have ever been, and lying, cheating and bullshitting leadership is becoming the norm.  

The UK is off and running with a General Election and savagery, nastiness and chicanery will be front and centre. Promises and pledges will pour out like sewage from a burst pipe and come the morning after the results that deafening noise we will all hear will be the sound of manifestos being shredded on an industrial scale.

Savage media (formerly known as social media) has killed the very notion of a positive, inspirational role model to lead with vision, integrity and humanity.

The percentage of people who vote should think very carefully where they put their X.

The percentage of people who are eligible to vote but don't bother should be ashamed of themselves.

Nowadays, democracy should be spelled deMOCKracy. And how desperately sad is that?

Positive, inspirational role models, where are you?

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