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Wednesday, 6 December 2017


Adventures in Narcissism


Edelle McMahon

Produced by Michael Mormecha
at Millbank Studios

Track Listing:

A Haunting
Ships Will Sail
Calendar Days
Hollow Lullaby
Human Earthquake
Funny’s Not The Word

Over the past couple of years, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to post blog reviews of some quite stunning talent from Northern Ireland. Singer/songwriters, authors and poets are emerging at a dizzy rate and it may well be one of the most exciting periods in NI creative arts history. The place simply oozes gifted people. As a Belfast kid (advanced!), it is a joy to behold.

Adventures in Narcissism by Edelle McMahon is a golden addition to the treasure chest. The songs are wrapped in a defined atmospheric theme full of compelling ingredients beautifully blended lyrically and musically. There are layers of warmth, richness, softness and depth. It is like the most comfortable quilt in the world with every patch playing its part to create something quite exquisite. The percussion and guitar playing throughout are both inventive and exemplary, and Edelle’s amazing voice, with all its delicacy and gorgeousness, compels us to slow down a little in this crazy world and listen, really listen, to an album that has heart and soul running throughout.

It is an album that I think should be listened to in its entirety because only then do you get the full effect. But if my arm was twisted, I would say my standout track right now is Funny’s Not The Word. Ask me tomorrow and it will be something different from this incredible piece of work. I hope it gets all the radio play it deserves.

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