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Friday 17 July 2015


"After You" 
Sung by Julia Tynes
Written by Julia Tynes & Carl Jackson

Link to Julia's site:

I must have listened to hundreds if not thousands of break-up songs in my time, soul songs, rock and roll songs and country songs and after a while they are all a bit predictable in a sobbing in your cornflakes kind of way.

In fact, way, way back, when I broke up with my first girlfriend – I did the breaking up for reasons that I cannot remember but reasons that were probably to do with teenage stupidity – I did that nose pressed up to the window on a rainy day thing muttering: “What have I done? What have I done?”  I think Kris Kristofferson’s “For The Good Times” was my soundtrack.  Alas we move on, but for some it isn’t easy.

I say all this because I have been pointed in the direction of a break-up song that does something different, something that freshens up the interpretation of the theme, not in a plodding Leonard Cohen in a bedsit way droning on about life being unfair, but pairing fairly pessimistic, honest lyrics (break-ups are hard!) with an optimistic, positive musical arrangement.

‘After You” is written by Julia Tynes and Carl Jackson.  Carl’s piano intro leads us warmly to Julia’s superb vocals, a hint of little-girl-lost coupled with a matter-of-fact analysis of the aftermath of a split.  I’m making this sound a bit clinical and dull, but not a bit of it.

This song is infectious.  I have listened to it at least six times and when it’s finished I feel the urge to hum or sing the chorus.  This might not sound unusual but, as an old school folkie, this type of music is not normally my choice of listening.   But ‘After You” unashamedly uses that vital ingredient if records are going to be successful.  Julia and Carl are not afraid of catchiness.  Catchiness is essential.  If the choice is to be serious and worthy or to be catchy and memorable, I know where I would place my vote. 

“I’m still wishing there was no such thing as after you…..” is a great line that could have been delivered in a clumsy way.  In Julia Tyne’s hands, it pours out smoothly.  She is a lovely singer, a comfortable (nothing wrong with that word) and confident performer who deserves much radio airplay.

I’ll keep an ear out for more Julia Tynes and Carl Jackson collaborations.  This is special stuff and it should be a big hit, if only promoters and supporters notice it.  If they do, then bravo.  If they don't, well, sadly, it’s their loss.

“After You” – beautifully arranged, beautifully sung.

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