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Saturday, 18 July 2015


I look ahead,
up the gradient
to the hilltop,
follow the white snow path
and watch it change,
victim of the playful sunlight,
to a kaleidoscope of colours
but especially to turquoise
and I am so emotional
because of the brightness and the dazzle,
my brow is furrowed,
my skull aches,
my eyes hurt so much
that I raise my arms and a scream
echoes to the summit, through ravines,
ditches and passes......

“Curse the bastard who stole my sunglasses!”

The Poems Of Hamish Sheaney : Remastered & Expanded

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In 2012, I published a book called Hamish Sheaney: The Nearly-Man of Irish Literature. The book began with this disclaimer: Hamish Sheaney may not exist, so it might have been necessary to invent him. Hamish Sheaney might be Joe Cushnan or Joe Cushnan might be Hamish Sheaney. They are never seen in the same room together, but more often than not they are in the same room. Shirt collar, shoe size, dental records and preference for Mini-Cheddars are purely coincidental. The book is still available from and via Amazon Kindle. It contains a short biography of Hamish as well as lists of his failed screenplays, literary influences and proverbial wisdom (whizz dumb) quotations. This updated book is a remastered (regurgitated?) and expanded version that concentrates on the nearly-man’s specific biographical and observational poetry, and it leaves out the “and other funny stuff”. So as not to short-change anyone too much, other poems and witty gems have been discovered in a holdall in Hamish’s shed. They are printed here for the first time. Granny Sheaney also makes an appearance with her terse views on life and poetry. Unlike my other books of fun verse - Juggling Jelly, The Chuckle Files, Boxset (Without A Box), etc, this collection is a bit more adult in parts.
ISBN: 9781785100727
Total Pages: 99
Published: 17 September 2014
Price: £5.99

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