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Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Here's another look at a recent post on self-publishing - click the relevant banner, have a browse, register if you want to and upload your manuscript. 

The banner at the top of this blog and the box to the right highlight a self-publishing service that I have used and will continue to use.

Let me be clear before I go on - I am not employed by FeedAread but they have asked writer-customers to include the clickable banner in blogs, etc. I am happy to do so because they are professional and fair when it comes to publishing, quality of books and payment of royalties.

So, what's my experience?  I have published several books with them.  As ever with this kind of service, they require the writer to upload whatever the book content is (writer's responsibility to proofread, correct, etc) onto pre-prepared manuscript templates.  Once you upload, you will, in a fairly fast turnaround, get an email pdf of what your book interior will look like.  Scour it for errors or make any adjustments to your original and reload. Back will come a pdf. Once you are happy with the contents, click 'accept'. You will then be able to design your book cover, either using FeedAread artwork or by uploading your own photographs, illustrations or whatever. Again, back will come a pdf for you to check, adjust, approve.  There are plenty of opportunities to change interiors and covers before committing your work to be published.

Up to this point, it costs nothing. Free.

After a few weeks, you will get an email to say your book is ready.

At this point, I have shelled out £3 - £4 for an actual copy to check.

If happy, tell them and your book becomes available from FeedAread website. You will have set the price and generous (by comparison) royalties are set.

If you want global distribution via Amazon, etc, there is an annual fee, currently £88 (or $ etc equivalent).

If you want your book to be on sale only on their site, it costs you nothing.  Authors get a discount if they purchase copies of their own books.

They pay royalties in April and October and, in my experience, they pay on the dot.

All you have to do is register, study the website and, maybe do a trial run - short stories, autobiography, poetry, whatever.

The only downside is that postage and packing is a bit high. I think they are working on that.

So, purely based on my dealings with FeedAread, they are professional, efficient and fair.

I'll leave it with you, but if you want to ask me a question, please use the contact box on the right.

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