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Wednesday, 11 February 2015


Even underneath the sea,
Creatures love to play
And indulge in a little wooing
On St Valentine’s Day.

I think I’ve got this right,
As far as I understand,
An octopus’s favourite song
Is “I want to hold your
Hand, hand, hand, hand,
Hand, hand, hand, hand."

Kindle here:

Only Drools & Corsets

I was trying to think of a snappy title for this little book of love. Last year, I published a Christmas amusement called Only Yules & Verses, a slight take on a famous television series title. So, I went back to the pun trough once again. It’s a quirky collection in need of a quirky title. There aren’t many drools in here nor nether-garments, knickers, nor swear words nor anything blatantly offensive – unless the word fart causes distress. Most of this book tries to be funny. The last several pages are a little more thoughtful. I hope you enjoy the selection and share it with those you love.
ISBN: 9781784073367
Total Pages: 98
Published: 23 January 2014
Price: £4.99

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