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Thursday, 26 February 2015


I've been a bit quiet on here in recent weeks because, rather than post new poems, I have been writing and submitting to magazines and other outlets - so I can't publish the new work whilst it is "under consideration".

I have also been paying a bit more attention to reading poetry and by that I mean reading poetry slowly to get more out of it - enjoyment, entertainment, inspiration, emotion and, significantly, education. I want to be a better writer, so studying published and established poets seems a good larder from which to draw nourishment....and to experience new hungers.

Back soon.

I am happy to plug (not review) new poetry books on this site - cover plus publisher's blurb - free of charge (although, gratis copies are welcomed for my education, enjoyment....see above).

Anything I post is sent out to surf the ether via Stumbleupon, Reddit, Digg, Twitter and Facebook.  At the time of writing these very words, my blog has had over 65,500 views in about four years.

Use the box to contact me.

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