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Wednesday, 17 April 2013


This is the woman called Margaret Thatcher,
Twas the town of Grantham that did hatch her,
No one in politics could beat or match her,
Now a ceremony will despatch her
Into a chapter in history,
Heroine, villainess or mystery,
Goddess of progress, some would say,
Valiant saviour of the United K,
Baroness monster, others accuse,
Dismantler, divider in sensible shoes,
Sweet in the memory of the true blue rinsed
Bitter to many who are unconvinced.

This is a day to make people sad,
To make people glad, to make people mad,
As they watch the last journey of the Thatcher coffin,
There are hearts that will cry and those that won’t soften.

The is the woman called Margaret Thatcher,
To some so pure, to others rotten,
But whoever she was, whatever she did,
She will never, ever be forgotten.

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