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Saturday, 18 August 2012


News item Saturday 18 August, 2012: "The mother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett has died, her solicitor has confirmed.  Winnie Johnson, 78, fought a long campaign to get her son's killer, Ian Brady, to reveal his grave.  Twelve-year-old Keith was abducted on his way to visit his grandmother in Manchester on 16 June 1964."
Forty eight
of the long, long, longest years,
grieving, waiting,
grieving, waiting,
mother grieving,
mother waiting.........

1964 to 2012, of her son Keith, 
nothing, nothing at all,
no truth, no sign, no clue,
just prayer to pray, her quest to pursue.

His whereabouts -  
secret of the vile,
secret of the repulsive,
secret of the wicked,
secret of the heinous,
secret of the dead bitch,
secret of the live bastard.

And today,
the news of Winnie's Johnson's passing,
a mother who never gave in, gave up or gave way,
lays a new layer of sadness on her story.
Life is finite and thus at some point must cease,
even if her one question remains unanswered,
we think of her and hope she rests in peace.

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